Reseller Program (Sampul Raya 2020)

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Thank you for your interest to join us as a reseller for our Sampul Raya (2020 Collection)!

Here are the details we need you to read through before you officially become one of our resellers.

Cost & Profit            
All resellers have to follow the following price point for the sampul raya.

No of packs

Total no of pieces
(10 pcs / pack)

Retail Price (S$)

3 packs

30 pieces


5 packs

50 pieces


10 packs

100 pieces



You can choose to offer these three price plans or just choose 1 price plan.

The 1st price plan (3 packs for $10.00) will bring in the most profit for you but 5 packs & 10 packs price plan can help you reach your target of 100 packs faster.

This is the wholesale cost of the Sampul Raya.
The more you order, the cheaper it’ll get and the more you’ll earn.

No of packs

Wholesale price per pack

Profit per pack

Total profit earned (based on 3 for $10.00 price plan)





















How Do I Start?

We will email you a Sales Kit which consists of all design mockups and pictures you can put up on your social media.

All resellers can start selling the Sampul Raya on 6 January 2020.
We will inform you in advance if there are any changes to the date.

Closing date for the Sampul Raya order for all resellers is 31 January 2020, midnight. You must stop taking orders by then and submit the Order Form to us & make full payments by 1 February 2019, 12.00 noon.

This is important to take note of cos we’re working on a tight timeline for the factory to start printing and get it all ready by Ramadhan. We will not be accepting partial payments for your order. Full payment needs to be made to confirm your order.

You can then start sending out the sampul raya to your customers via mail or have self collection option available at your convenience. 1 pack of sampul raya is approximately 40gms. So 3 packs would be 120gms.

This is the guideline for Postage Rates.

Normal Mail : $0.60 (for 1 – 3 packs)
Normal Mail: $0.90 (for 4 – 9 packs)
Normal Mail: $1.20 (For 10 packs above & below 2kg)

Smartpac Envelope (1 kg): $3.80 (Up to 25 packs of Sampul Raya)

Smartpac Box (3 kg): $4.70 (Up to 50 packs of Sampul Raya)

When Do I Get Paid?

Immediately! When you start selling, your customers pay directly to you. In return, you only pay the wholesale price of the sampul after they have placed their order. That way, you get your profits immediately and don’t worry about having overstocks.

How do I pay for my orders?

If you managed to get orders for 100 packs, the wholesale price is $1.30. So u pay me 100 x $1.30 = $130.00

120 packs = 120 x $1.30 = $156.00
200 packs = 200 x $1.00 = $200.00

All payments to be made to POSB Savings 038 39775 3 or thru Paynow / Paylah at 9776 8340.

Is there a minimum purchase for Resellers?
Yes. The minimum is 100 packs to get a wholesale price. In case u only get orders for eg 70 packs only, just purchase 100 packs to get the wholesale price. You can continue selling the excess stock after that. There is usually more interest in Sampul Raya during Ramadhan. Also do take note that Resellers can only purchase at a wholesale price before 31st January 2020. There will not be any other purchases allowed at a wholesale price after that. 

When Will I Receive the Sampul Raya?

You will receive you sampul at least 2 weeks before Ramadhan. Between (10 to 12 April 2020)

How Do I Receive the Sampul Raya?

Self collection will be made available at Bukit Panjang on an allocated weekend.

However, if it is inconvenient, we offer deliveries at $10.00 - $15.00 per trip depending on the weight of your package as I will be using courier service. 

Below is the timeline again for reference.

Feel free to email us at if you have any other enquiries!